Anarchistischer Kaffeeklatsch zur Vorbereitung einer Nachbarschaftsversammlung

Kaffeeklatsch with vegan cakes. For planing a big neighborhoud meeting in july. We want to exchange ideas and plan a big meeting to talk about the rising of rents in the neighborhood and what to do against it. To know our rights and fight for them!

Wir wollen eine Nachbarschaftsversammlung im Friedel-Kiez im Juli initiieren und laden zur Vorbereitung zum anarchistischen Kaffeeklatsch mit veganem Kuchen herzlich ein!

Sunday, 26th of May 2013, 15.30 Uhr at Friedelstr.54, Berlin-Neukölln

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Offenes Treffen der „Friends of Fritz Scherer“

The anarchist group „Friends of Fritz Scherer“ is looking for support in organizing interesting Infoevents and other stuff.
Please feel free to come around to our open meeting, to bring your ideas and to support us and the (cultural) anarchist struggle for Liberation!
Meeting-language will be english, german-translation is possible…

Monday, 6th of May, 8pm
In Friedelstr.54 (in den Räumen des Akazie-Berlin e.V.)

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Anarchistischer Abend: Rentstruggles in Warsaw Sunday 05.05.2013

Presentation of the tenants struggles in Warsaw, by two activists
from the Union of Syndicalists of Poland (ZSP). The presentation will
describe specific problems related with housing in Warsaw: corrupt
reprivatization, extremely bad housing conditions, lack of sufficient
housing for the poor and massive evictions. The activists will present
the tactics employed to fight with the inhuman policies of the city
government, blocking evictions, confronting local politicians over
their contempt of the poor, and the range of activities from legal
help, to direct action. The presentation will be illustrated with
movies and pictures from eviction blockades and tenants actions.

Vegan food at 5pm, Infoevent at 6pm.

Smoking only downstairs or on the barricades!
Übersetzung auf Deutsch ist möglich.

At Friedelstr. 54, Neukölln, Berlin
(in den Räumen des Akazie-Berlin e.V.)zsp

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